Claiming for a warranty

All units that fall in under the warranty period and require servicing must be submitted to Ecoboil for approval prior to starting work on the unit.  A serial number must be supplied before a claim can be reviewed and approved.  Ecoboil reserves the right to supply the necessary parts to carry out the service.

Warranty Claim Form

Warranty Terms for Ecoboil & PureFilter's Brands of Ecoboil Appliances Limited

One Year Parts, Labour & Travelling Costs 

  • Should any part of a boiling/chiller unit or filter fail within one year of the date of purchase, then that product/part will be supplied free of charge to the trades person nominated to undertake the repair work. Both the labour charges levied by the trades person (up to a maximum of 2 hours labour) and transport charges levied (up to 25 km from base to the installation site) are covered by this warranty.
  • With the chillers, faults of an electrical nature may only be repaired by a qualified electrician.  In addition, refrigeration component repairs require specialist knowledge and tools.
  • All other faults require that the entire unit be shipped back to Ecoboil Appliances Limited for repair, at Ecoboil Appliances Limited's expense.

Five Year Boiler Storage Tank Warranty

  • For boiler units, if any leak occurs from the body of the boiler storage tank, within five years from the date of installation, the leak will be repaired at no charge upon return of the unit to the Ecoboil Appliances Limited.


These Warranty Terms are all subject to the terms of the Warranty Conditions and Warranty Exclusions as below.

Warranty Conditions

  • The boiler/chiller unit must be fitted with an appropriate inlet water filter where the water supply contains dirt and grit.
  • Where a hard water or otherwise harmful water supply exists (including, but not exclusive to, Rotorua, Wanganui, Palmerston North, Wairoa, Hawke's Bay, Hastings, Alexandra, Onehunga, Pokeno), the boiler/chiller unit must be fitted with a recommended dual action water filter/conditioner cartridge. The filter/cartridge must be maintained and replaced periodically as per the filter manufacturer’s instructions.

  • The boiler/chiller unit must be installed strictly as per the installation instructions supplied with the unit (e.g. all underbench boiler/chiller units must be fitted with a 350 kPa PLV).

  • The installing trades person must ensure that all water supply lines are flushed and free of grit/metal filings prior to connecting to the boiler/chiller unit.
  • When a boiler/chiller is repaired or replaced under this warranty, the component or boiler/chiller replaced does not have the benefit of a new warranty and only the balance of the original warranty will remain effective.

  • The boiler/chiller unit must be installed to comply with all relevant statutory and local requirements.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty may become void by the following exclusions and the service charge for labour and parts (if necessary) could become a cost to the customer:

  • Failure due to misuse and/or incorrect installation, acts of God, water conditions, accidental damage, and unauthorised attempts at repair of the boiler/chiller unit.

  • Where there is a failure of the electricity or water supply; where water leaks are caused by the plumbing and not the boiler/chiller unit or its components; where there is no flow of hot/chilled water due to faulty plumbing or a filter blockage; where there is low, high or fluctuating water pressure; where it is found that there is nothing wrong with the boiler/chiller unit; where water hammer is found to be the cause of failure.

  • Repairs to a boiler/chiller unit due to scale formation or where the boiler/chiller has been fitted to a hard or harmful water supply without the recommended dual action filter cartridge or the filter cartridge has not been periodically replaced.

  • Electrical or plumbing parts supplied by the installer are excluded from this warranty.

  • Where the boiler/chiller unit has been installed in a position or in such a way that does not comply with the installation instructions or relevant statutory requirements

  • Installations not connected to a mains supply (e.g. fire hydrant).