Express Tap

At Ecoboil we take a cup of coffee or tea seriously. We understand the importance of instant boiling water for those early morning starts, or a quick break on busy days. So we set out to design and locally produce a range of boiling water options that simply deliver boiling water when you want it.

Better still, our options don't stop at boiling water. Our flexible configurations include hot, chilled, ambient and filtered water. All installations are plumbed in, delivering an instant source of water at the temperature you want.

Bridal Veil Waterfall

Power Efficient Boiling Water

Our units supply instant boiling water using the natural resource of water pressure combined with an accurate flow restrictor. Simply put, less electronics, less power consumed.

Flexible Configurations

Every environment is different so we’ve made our products in a range of sizes and options. You can configure boiling, hot and chilled water that suits your work, play or home space.

NZ Designed & Manufactured

All Ecoboil boiling units are designed and manufactured locally. Making them suitable for New Zealand water conditions, with lower fuel miles to market.