We recognise that a reliable source of water is essential in any place where people gather. With that in mind our commitment is to design products that deliver instant and dependable boiling and chilled water, on tap, each and every time. 

Our company is a privately owned family business that began after years of designing and developing an eco-friendly, New Zealand manufactured, over bench boiling water unit. At the heart of our culture is an appreciation of the natural environment, in particular the many water resources that are part of the New Zealand landscape. It was from this inspiration that we sought to use the natural resource of water pressure and build this in as an intrinsic aspect of our boiler design.  We continually apply this philosophy in our design approach. This includes avoiding complex electronics in favour of producing smart, reliable products that are easy to install and good for our environment

The first Ecoboil products reached the market in 2009. Our range was extended in 2014 to include both under bench boil and boil/hot units, complemented by locally designed and manufactured tapware. We continue to develop our range and have several new projects in progress for release during 2017 and beyond.

Our business is committed to sourcing components and complementary products from local businesses. Our relationships with these suppliers helps us produce excellent competitively priced products, making us a viable option in a market dominated by international competitors. With our new e-commerce site now up and running all our products can now be purchased on-line. We welcome enquires from specifiers and trade customers too, please get in touch via our contact section.