Filter Taps & Housings


We offer a choice of classic designed taps for your benchtop. Our taps are chrome on brass construction to ensure a longer life. The ceramic disc mechanism on selected styles delivers a longer life with a smoother operation.


Our taps come complete with the necessary parts fittings and instructions to install easily.


We offer a selection of taps to suit your environment. For home, rural and commercial locations.


All our taps come with a 12 month guarantee from date of purchase.


Our featured filter housings match all of our 10” cartridges (excluding the inline module options). They come with all the necessary fittings to install the cartridge but they do not include the hoses and fittings. These can be supplied either by purchasing a complete kit or as separate parts.


Ecoboil Arctic Chiller/Filter Tap

Product Code: EC 02

The Arctic tap, with ceramic disc is our most popular tap.

$68.70 (excl GST)

Ecoboil Filter Tap

Product Code: EB 5381

The classic filter tap, with ceramic disc is a smooth action high flow tap.

$48.70 (excl GST)

Filter Mixer Tap - 3 in 1

Product Code: EBCM

A three in one mixer tap, with provision for either filtered or chilled water option.

$260.00 (excl GST)

Filter Housings

5" Slimline Housing 1/2" w/spanner+bracket

Product Code: EB5AH 1/2

Pentek 5” slim line housing in white, fits all 5” cartridges.

$43.48 (excl GST)

$129.57 (excl GST)

10" Slimline Housing 1/2" w/spanner+bracket

Product Code: EB10AH 1/2 C

Pentek 10” slim line housing, fits most 10” cartridges.

$43.48 (excl GST)

10" Slimline Housing 1/4" w/spanner+bracket

Product Code: EB10AH 1/4 C

Pentek 10” slim line housing, fits most 10” cartridges.

$41.74 (excl GST)

$129.57 (excl GST)

10" Twin Jumbo Housing kit

Product Code: EB10BWH1-TWIN

10" Twin Jumbo Housing kit w/spanner+bracket+ball valve+fittings

$317.39 (excl GST)

$173.04 (excl GST)

Housing Parts

Filter Housing Key Remover

Product Code: EB 406

Filter housing key remover, for unscrewing the housing and makes replacing cartridges a breeze.

$12.61 (excl GST)

Filter housing screw

Product Code: EB 321

Screw set for housing bracket.

$1.17 (excl GST)

O Ring for EB3GSL6 & EBSL6

Product Code: EB23CL

O Ring for EB3GSL 6 and EBSL 6.

$8.26 (excl GST)

Housing mounting bracket for 10" Sliming housings

Product Code: EBAPP 6

Housing bracket kit for 10" Slimline housings, required to fit the housing to a mounting location.

$8.26 (excl GST)

$3.48 (excl GST)