A genuine eco-friendly solution 

Key to our design brief was the intention to create products that benefit our environment.

Power Saving

Our boil units have been designed to provide instant boiling water efficiently, yet using less than 1kW per 24 hours, when not active. Using the natural resource of water pressure combined with an accurate flow restrictor, our units don’t require sensors, solenoids or complex electronics and therefore consume less energy.

Cost saving

Ecoboil products are created with efficiency in mind. Our concise design is efficient to manufacture, easy to install and simple to service, saving you considerable cost over the lifetime of the product.

Long life

The use of quality materials means the anticipated life cycle of our boiling units is more than 10 years,* making the Ecoboil products better for your business and safer for the environment.

100% Recyclable

All materials and components in Ecoboil boiling units are 100% recyclable, our avoidance of complicated electronics reduces the effect on landfill pollution.

NZ Designed & Manufactured

Ecoboil boil units are designed and manufactured locally making them good for New Zealand with a smaller carbon footprint. 



* Refers to the anticipated life of the storage tank and case when the water supply is filtered and protected from hard water, does not include OEM parts and excludes servicing.



Eco-friendly Benefits