Refund Policy

Within 30 days of purchase, if the goods are not installed and the packaging is undamaged then a refund (excluding freight) can be made upon return.  The customer will arrange to freight the goods back to Ecoboil.

However, once installed, the goods will not be accepted for return as we cannot resell them.

Cancellation Policy

If the goods have not been dispatched, a full refund can be made upon contacting Ecoboil.

Delivery Policy

Most orders will be delivered within one week (or one week from payment date for Bank Deposits).  Please contact Ecoboil for an exact delivery date/time.

Other Conditions

Damaged Goods Policy

The customer’s order will be carefully inspected and packed before dispatch and will be insured in transit.  The customer must inspect the Goods for visible damage upon delivery.  If damaged in transit, the customer must notify Ecoboil immediately.  Ecoboil will directly re-supply replacement goods.  However, Ecoboil reserves the right to request that the customer securely repacks the goods damaged in transit and ship back to Ecoboil, at our expense, as a prior condition of re-supply.

Installation and Warranty

The customer must follow the installation instructions supplied with the goods.  Our warranty starts from the date of purchase; five years on the storage body (boilers only), one year for parts/tapware and labour (full warranty details are available on our website).