Ecoboil can help with information and parts for all Ostech products. This includes all automatic boilers both over bench and under bench, chillers and taps.

The most common parts are listed below, please contact us if you can't find the parts or information you require. 

JE/JR Series

Ball-Cock 80mm Plastic Float

Product Code: EB 103 P

Replacement float for all Ostech and Powerboil over bench units.

$12.17 (excl GST)

EB Pk lid Screws 3/4 stainless steel (for JR/JE units)

Product Code: EB 110

Stainless steel replacement screws for Ostech and Powerboil legacy units.

$1.17 (excl GST)

FMP 350 PLV Plastic (dual checks)

Product Code: EB FMP 350 PLV

Apex plastic 350kPa PLV for chiller units and under bench filter kits.

$41.09 (excl GST)

Lid seal for JR/JE series

Product Code: PB 6000

Lid seal for Ostech over bench boiling legacy units.

$1.20 (excl GST)

$77.39 (excl GST)

$65.65 (excl GST)

$17.83 (excl GST)

$1.17 (excl GST)

Ball-Cock SS split pin

Product Code: EB 109

$1.00 (excl GST)

$1.00 (excl GST)

O ring for all elements

Product Code: EB 100 B

$6.96 (excl GST)

$65.22 (excl GST)