Ecoboil Express Boiler Tap

Product Code: EBE 01

Our New Express tap pairs with our Express boil units and our Duo boil/hot units.

$268.70 (excl GST)

Ecoboil Boil/Chill Sinktop Tap

Product Code: EB WP30

The Twin Lever Tap dispenses both boiling and chilled water from the same tap.

$894.78 (excl GST)

Ecoboil Arctic Chiller/Filter Tap

Product Code: EC 02

The Arctic tap, with ceramic disc is our most popular tap.

$68.70 (excl GST)

Ecoboil Filter Tap

Product Code: EB 5381

The classic filter tap, with ceramic disc is a smooth action high flow tap.

$48.70 (excl GST)

Filter Mixer Tap - 3 in 1

Product Code: EBCM

A three in one mixer tap, with provision for either filtered or chilled water option.

$260.00 (excl GST)

Ifactor Mixer Tap

Product Code: EBMT

$260.00 (excl GST)