Express Under Bench Boil Units - EBE Series

Under Bench Boiling Water

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The Express Under Bench Boiler Series provide instant boiling water at the turn of a lever. Simple to install and economical to run the Express can be configured as a boil only or in combination with chilled, hot or ambient water supplies. Our units use the natural resource of water pressure and the simplicity of a venturi to supply boiling water when you want it. There are no moving parts inside the unit, creating a long lasting product needing minimal maintenance.


The Express boil units are fully automatic, dispensing boiling water instantly


Superior levels of insulation ensure excellent heat retention resulting in minimal power consumption


Our Express units are plumbed in under the sink, leaving only the stylish new Express tap in sight

Express Micro Under Bench Boil Unit 10 cups

Product Code: EBE 10

Our Express Micro is the smallest of our under bench boil units.

$1,043.48 (excl GST)

Express Under Bench Boil Unit 20 cups

Product Code: EBE 20

Recommended for kitchens catering up to 20 people

$1,382.61 (excl GST)

Express Under Bench Boil Unit 40 cups

Product Code: EBE 40

Recommended for kitchens catering up to 40 people at any given time.

$1,417.39 (excl GST)